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Backup is one of the most important things for every organization. Data loss can significantly interfere with business workflows, and without a proper backup system, it can lead to a complete shutdown of the organization and cause major financial damages. In the past, in order to properly backup all the different departments of an organization, it was necessary to use different sets of backup software. However, nowadays there are many solutions available that can cover the entire organization, and the top leading software is Acronis, which not only provides backup services but also offers cybersecurity services.

What is Acronis?

Acronis is a modular backup software that can be customized to meet the specific needs of an organization. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, as well as many unique features and advantages, such as disaster recovery (DRPI) and data encryption using advanced methods for optimal security. All of these features combined improve the operational efficiency of businesses and can potentially increase profits by a significant percentage.

Advanced Business Solutions

Acronis offers a variety of business solutions aimed at improving an organization’s cybersecurity and increasing profits through effective data management processes optimization. Our software allows tracking changes in documents according to dates, as well as offering storage methods customized to the organization’s unique characteristics and needs. In the traditional world of backup, customers were offered either full or incremental backup options, but with Acronis, customers can benefit from both types of backups and choose the most convenient workflow method for them.

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Acronis provides data protection and backup services for organizations. Among the variety of services offered, Acronis can back up the following products:

Google WorkSpace, Microsoft 365, websites (SFTP/SSH/IIS).

 Acronis can also be used to back up physical and virtual servers, SQL databases and endpoints.

Advanced recovery options

Encrypted data backup

CDP backup – Continuous Data Protection

Cloud based solution

Artificial intelligence

As a platform that is frequently responsible for the development of innovative technologies, Acronis offers software with artificial intelligence that, in addition to storage, also aids in around-the-clock monitoring of information and detecting suspicious activities, providing the organization with protection against viruses and other attacks.

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Reline is a platinum marketer and an official distributor of Acronis, which allows us to offer the software at attractive prices, along with professional service and support.

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