Fortinet is a global leader in the field of information security.

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Fortinet is a global leader in the field of information security.

Fortinet provides a variety of highly advanced information security platforms, in addition to all the necessary communication components in any organization, enabling monitoring and the highest level of protection. The communication components integrate with the information security platform, allowing centralized control of the entire system.

The next generation of cybersecurity

Integration of Products for Absolute Control

Fortinet combines a variety of tools and components (both physical and virtual) that enable the management, security, and control of the network end-to-end from a single interface.

Fortinet is a leading force in the evolution of information security and the integration of communication and information security. To this end, their portfolio of products, which includes over 50 enterprise-level products, is the largest integrated offering available, providing proven information security wherever it’s needed. The range of Fortinet solutions is among the most embedded, trusted, and certified in the industry.

Fortinet's commitment is to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Secure Networks, Information Security Platform, and Operational Technology Security

Fortinet’s range of products is designed to merge network management and information security systems into a secure network solution, which combines endpoint products with an integrated platform that provides solutions for securing technology environments. This technology enables automatic protection, detection, and response, along with integrated visibility across Fortinet solutions and a diverse ecosystem of over 500 third-party solutions.

Fortinet’s flagship product, FortiGate firewall, provides a broad and comprehensive range of information security components, including VPN, antivirus, malware protection, IPS, data loss prevention (DLP), content filtering, WAN acceleration, wireless network control, switches, and application control.

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