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Cloud protection for organizations

A combination of advanced technologies

It is widely known that information security remains one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations worldwide. To help you successfully address this challenge, Central Sophos offers, an advanced cloud-based management platform. Central Sophos provides a comprehensive suite of security services, all conveniently available under one roof.

The Central Sophos management platform leverages a powerful combination of advanced technologies to provide robust protection against malware, ransomware, and various other threats that organizations and businesses may encounter. The platform features the innovative Sophos Intercept X system, which takes a comprehensive approach to security by utilizing multiple techniques to detect, identify, and respond to threats. With the integration of artificial intelligence, Intercept X becomes even more intelligent, delivering superior performance compared to traditional machine learning-based software.

Knowledge = Power – Forensic Investigation

When dealing with malicious activities, conducting a comprehensive forensic investigation is crucial to understanding the nature of the incident, its causes, detection, and taking necessary measures to prevent its recurrence. Traditionally, this investigative capability was limited to security operations centers utilizing SIEM and other tools. However, Sophos Intercept X addresses this challenge by incorporating an automated analysis system integrated with an independent SIEM solution. Together, they enable incident investigation and guide users through the necessary steps for efficient and cost-effective problem resolution at the organizational level.

Comprehensive protection

The XG Sophos system, integrated into the advanced management platform of Central Sophos, introduces an innovative approach to corporate firewall management. It enables real-time threat response and optimal network monitoring for organizations and businesses. The system encompasses a diverse range of security modules, including Network Protection to prevent intrusions, Sandstorm for protection against Day Zero threats, server and application protection against hacking attempts, and Protection Wireless to enhance network traffic visibility.

Perfect Synchronization

The Central Sophos information security platform has earned numerous accolades, and rightfully so. It offers an unparalleled level of efficiency and synchronized management for an organization’s security system, achieved through the revolutionary Heartbeat system. This system enables seamless communication and coordination between endpoints and the firewall, ensuring comprehensive protection. With its multitude of advantages, the Central Sophos platform is the ideal solution to enhance security, improve efficiency, and reduce complexity within your organization.


By offering comprehensive SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), SOC (Security Operations Center), and IR (Incident Response) services all together, we provide our customers with a significant advantage. You no longer have to rely on third-party service providers, as we offer all these essential security services under one roof. 


Cloud protection for organizations? Leave it to the professionals

Reline is proud to be an authorized marketer and official distributor of Central Sophos software. This partnership enables us to offer the software at attractive prices, ensuring cost-effectiveness for our customers. In addition to competitive pricing, we are committed to providing professional service and support to ensure a seamless experience the software.

Now is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your company to Central Sophos with Reline’s experts support and service!

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