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Perception Point with support and service from Reline

In today’s world, the email system plays a crucial role in conducting business and driving the economy. However, malicious actors exploit this reality, leading to 90% of cyber attacks originating from email services. These attacks specifically target the human factor involved in the process. To combat this, Perception Point offers robust protection for the email system, ensuring comprehensive transparency and advanced security capabilities for your IT infrastructure.

The advanced software solution offered by Perception Point addresses a wide range of challenges and provides comprehensive monitoring and protection for the email system, both within and outside the organization. The system leverages data analysis and incident detection based on end-user interactions, utilizing trend-based learning to identify and combat existing attacks. Additionally, the system includes a dedicated SOC team representing the software manufacturer, ensuring continuous security oversight and response.

The next generation of cybersecurity

Perception Point offers an advanced and comprehensive solution tailored to the specific needs of your organization. The solution includes a robust protection mechanism for your email system, guarding against various threats including phishing attempts, malware infections, N-Days and Zero-Day impersonation attacks, and more. With this holistic approach, you can ensure the security and integrity of your organization’s email communications.

Email protection? Leave it to the professionals

Reline is proud to be an authorized marketer and official distributor of Perception Point software. This partnership enables us to offer the software at attractive prices, ensuring cost-effectiveness for our customers. In addition to competitive pricing, we are committed to providing professional service and support to ensure a seamless experience with Perception Point software.

Now is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your company to Perception Point with Reline’s experts support and service!

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