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The future is already here

The future is already here

The business identity is the most important asset for every company and organization. Damage to the business identity may grant authenticated access to all of the organization’s resources, a situation that can lead to the loss of control over the entire company. By using JumpCloud’s managed services, you can prevent this from happening and ensure the full protection of your business identity.

The future is already here

JumpCloud is a high-quality platform for identity access management (IAM) designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a modern and advanced core library that unites, under one roof, all the management of the organization’s devices and identities in the cloud, physical IT resources, and Windows, Mac, and Linux. In this way, identities, devices, and access to the organization’s various resources can be conveniently and efficiently managed from one place, regardless of the organization’s physical location.

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All the advantages in one platform

Improved agility

JumpCloud provides organizations with the flexibility to choose their preferred technologies.

Unlike traditional methods where the Identity Provider dictates technology choices based on compatibility, JumpCloud supports a wide range of technologies including LDAP, SAML 2.0, RADIUS, RESTful APIs, and all the major operating systems in the market.

Improved control

The use of a centralized access management system provides the administrator with precise control over user permissions and their access to various resources on the network. This allows for convenient, easy, and quick resolution of access issues. Furthermore, granting and revoking user access to the system can be done from a central system in a single operation, which provides greater control over new user access or the removal of access for former employees whose access to the system has been revoked.

High Security

JumpCloud’s Identity Provider is a comprehensive solution that enables centralized enforcement of strong security measures across all IT layers of an organization. This includes password policies, key authentication, multi-factor authentication (MFA), SSH disk encryption, and secure network access through Radius as a Service. By implementing these measures, an organization can significantly strengthen its security posture.

Increased Efficiency

JumpCloud offers a Single Sign On (SSO) solution that allows users to log in through the central portal of the platform, saving time and effort as users only need to use one password for all systems, unlike other security platforms that require multiple passwords for different systems. The platform’s intuitive user interface also supports API and PowerShell automation, making it easy for administrators to manage users and their access to various resources.

JumpCloud is a complete cloud-based replacement for Open Directory. It eliminates the need for on-premises infrastructure and expensive Active Directory services, which also require a lot of resources. Instead, JumpCloud concentrates all the management and authentication services required for an organization in one accessible, organized, and convenient platform.

Identity management? Only with experts!

Reline is an authorized marketer and official distributor of Jump Cloud software. This fact enables the company to offer the software at attractive prices, accompanied by professional service and support.

Now is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your company to JumpCloud with Reline’s experts support and service!

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